ACT NOW is our foundation class. 

This class teaches you acting techniques, authenticity, and ground work for your career. 

In order to act truthfully, you have to develop a great freedom and sensitivity in you. In Act Now we are starting the process of getting rid of habits and conditionings. To do so, we use the „repetition exercise“ from the Meisner Technique. You learn to „re-act“ more freely and to connect to your true instincts. This process is supported through simple meditation practice, to become aware of certain psychological patterns and to develop greater sensitivity. In order to ground yourself in imaginary circumstances we start to perform improvisational scenes. 

In Act Now we will also start to explore your motivations and align them with your way of living. Great artists are not artists for a certain period of the day. To be an artist is a way of living. You will learn, in a playful way, how you can use every day life and any circumstances to become a better actor. 

We do not believe that your career starts after your training. Your career starts with day one of your training. Through personal exercises on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, you will develop what we call career qualities.  Without them your career will be dependent on others; with them your career can become an expression of yourself.  

Everything we teach will help you to express yourself with great authenticity in your acting and in your life. 

What you will learn:

Acting techniques: Meisner and Uta Hagen

How to build authenticity in acting and in life

Improvisation skills

Detect false motivations

To overcome emotional and mental blocks

Develop emotional range 

Develop career qualities

Simple meditation technique


This is an ongoing class. Join any time.  All levels welcome.

Class schedule:  2 x 2hr classes per week

Mon: 7pm-9pm, Fri: 7pm-9pm


Cost: £200 for 4 weeks

          £540 for 12 weeks